This time of year can be dangerous for your pets as many animals often become ill from consuming salt, grit and other toxic substances used to calm the icy weather conditions.

Many people aren’t aware of the dangers that these products can cause for our animals, including dehydration, high blood pressure, kidney and liver damage and possible death if too much is consumed.

Take care when walking your dog and avoid walking over gritted areas, as the salt and grit can irritate their paws which causes pain and discomfort. This will also reduce the chance of your pet consuming any of the toxic substance.

When returning from a walk it’s important that you clean their paws to remove any residual salt and check for redness and cracks between their toes. You should also consider giving your own shoes a clean as this will prevent your pet from licking any leftover salt when you’re not around.

Anti-freeze should be locked away and kept out of reach of your pets as they are attracted to the sweet flavour. If you use anti-freeze to clean your car windscreen, make sure you clean up any spills that might be on the ground. This consumed even in small amounts is seriously dangerous and can be extremely fatal.

Contact a vet immediately if you notice that your pet is beginning to act strangely after coming in from the winter weather. Symptoms to look out for include drunk-like behaviour, nausea, excessive urination and diarrhoea.