As most of you will probably be aware, this is a scary time of year for your pets as Halloween and bonfire night is fast approaching. Unusual costumes, loud noises and bright flashes are sometimes stressful and frightening for your animals, as loud bangs can often sound more like an erupting volcano. So, to help you keep them as calm as possible over the next few weeks, we have come up with a quick guide on how to keep your pet safe on fireworks night.

Avoid Taking Your Dog Outside

Avoid taking your dog outside while fireworks are being set off by ensuring they have plenty of exercise during the day. 

Keep the TV or Radio On

Keep the TV or radio on to distract your pet from the noise of fireworks. Cancel out as much noise as possible by keeping all doors and windows locked and curtains closed.

Create Hiding Places

Create some hiding places for your pet such as under furniture or in a cupboard and make sure these are always available. Ensure these areas remain positive spaces by placing some treats and toys in and around it so that they know this is a safe area.

Stay with Your Pet

If possible, remain with your pet and try not to react to the sound of fireworks as this will make them feel uneasy. Calm, praise and cuddle your pet to help them relax. However, do not force yourself on them as this can make them feel more frightened. Keep your pets in a safe and secure environment for extra precaution.

Bring Your Pets Indoors

If you have a small pet which lives outside, you should consider bringing them indoors or keeping them in a shed or garage for the night. If this is not possible, turn the cage to face a wall and make sure most of the cage is well covered to protect from bright flashes and provide extra bedding for them to burrow in.

Look Out For Signs

Do not take your dog to a firework display or leave them alone outside as this can cause distress. Look out for signs of panting, yawning and shaking as this will let you know that they are uncomfortable.